Energy Hacks

Energy Hacks
Photo by Riccardo Annandale / Unsplash

I started developing this app quite a while ago as I saw it as i) an opportunity to expand my development skills and try something a little more challenging and ii) address a topic which I'm actually quite passionate about - saving energy

Energy Hacks is at heart a very simple app. The idea is to provide a stack list of cards, each with an idea for saving energy, which the user can either favourite, or share with others or swipe past to the next one

I've always been a little surprised that a simple app like this didn't already exist

I also wanted to try and get some community input as I know that there are many, many ideas out there, some of which are simply genius! I've spent some time collating all of the key ones that I could, yet I am fully aware this is just a fraction of the many ideas that others already put into practice in their daily lives.

Unfortunately the development and launch of this app has been delayed due to challenges in my own life. Yet I am now in the very final stages of submitting this to the app store and I hope it will be live within just a few weeks!

Thanks for your support! :)