Grocery & Shopping List App

Grocery & Shopping List App
Photo by Maria Lin Kim / Unsplash

I'm pleased to have developed my very first app for the Apple iOS app store, completed all testing and it is now going through the app review process - hopefully it will be available for download soon!

I wanted this app to provide a very simple way to maintain a grocery or shopping list. Many of the other apps I've tried seem to offer all kinds of extra features which, for me, makes them a little more clunky and harder to use.

The great thing about keeping a list of all the items you need to go shopping for is that you then only buy the things you need, rather than getting carried away and buying all kinds of other stuff as well, more often than not far too much! So hopefully it will also help you to better budget, control your spending and save money.

I also like being able to add colourful sections to make it easier to shop items by category in whatever store you use. The check boxes have reassuring haptic feedback whenever you check or uncheck an item and you can also increase (or reduce!) the text size to improve readability.

I'm thinking of adding Apple Watch support to this app. If you have any other features that you think would be good to add, please let me know!